new Canadian rock band for 2019

Jason King James rock music
2019 New Music - The sound is rockin and it has a groove. It's fun, it's alive and it's fresh.

As tracks are available, they will be released here.

IN THE STUDIO - New music releases for 2019

Afterparty 2019 new single released


new singles released


band in the recording studio


2019 new music released

Tracking a few songs currently. More info to be announced soon.

Two new music singles released - Feb 2019

We'll keep writing so you can keep listening. Hang in there, more tracks coming soon.

New Canadian Artists for 2019 - Jason King James Band

With a rich history of live music between the group in Calgary, Alberta Canada, there was an immediate recognition of style and abilities that made for some fun and creative music writing.

The past year brought some fun musical sessions, some of which ended up in the studio. Mixing their different styles, Jay "The King" James and Sheldon "The Duke" bring the music some rock and some groove. Catchy riffs and some sweet vocals make the music.

If you like what you hear, keep your eyes and ears open for what coming next. Should be a fun year.


New Canadian Rock Music 2019 -  Jason King James Band


2019 funky rock band releases songs Afterparty


new band with 2019 singles released


Jason King James -  New Canadian music